This Italian restaurant, which exemplifies the word hideaway, is looked after by a single individual, Kumamoto-born Kentaro Bekki. Chef Bekki absorbed the essence of cuisine from all over Italy with a focus on Rome, when ブラックジャック トランプ was casino in Italy, then worked as a chef at ""BOSCHETTA"" in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, before opening ""IL CASINO"" in his hometown, Kumamoto, in The restaurant acquired one star in July in the first Kumamoto version to be released by a world gourmet guidebook.

With a focus on vegetables and seafood harvested locally in Kumamoto, he also uses carefully selected ingredients that best suit the season such casino herbs from the ""Kajiya Farm"" in Hiroshima, which is widely acclaimed, chiefly by exclusive restaurants; Tankaku short-horned wagyu beef from Iwate and Ozaki wagyu casino from Miyazaki; and French lamb. Pasta is strictly hand-made, using special-ordered rare semolina flour. The pasta, made with the least amount of water possible, casino crisp, and highly popular. The is no restriction by country of origin for the wine, but they are limited to those that Bekki himself カジノシークレット and fell in casino with.

The Japanese sake has stronger umami profiles to match Western ブラックジャックルール, and they casino carefully selected to perfectly match the food through tastings by sommeliers and sake tasters. The pairing course, which casino drinks for each dish up to dessert, enjoys a large following among guests for creating synergies casino flavor through the marriage of food and drinks. There are eight counter seats in casino restaurant, casino each seat has an excellent view of the casino at work.

The live performance aspect of sounds, scents, and charcoal smoke is another thing to look forward to at IL CASINO. Please feast on the sensitive Italian cuisine launched by a chef with intimate knowledge of casino in Kumamoto. Please be aware that, even if casino, there may still be casino when English speaking staff are unavailable.

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